اللغة العربية ✈
31 October 2015 with 0 angel

اللغة العربية is the most great and beautiful language. Language of Al-Quran Karim. at first, I thought اللغة العربية is the most difficult language. but, i started love اللغة العربية since I have to learn اللغة العربية all the time here. 

i used to think that اللغة العربية is the complex language because i was misunderstood and careless boit the kaedah-kaedah. i am sure if i learn hard for اللغة العربية, i will master اللغة العربية. In syaa Allah.

i joined KOUBA. stand for Kelab Orator Bahasa Arab. the members of KOUBA makes me really want to know all bout اللغة العربية . Kak Mardhiyah, Abang Farid, Kak Aisyah and all of them, i respect them. they are totally brave to speak in اللغة العربية. i want to be like them. master in Nahu wa Sorof also Balaghah. I have to learn smart and hard for my اللغة العربية future. :) I CAN DO IT ! IN SYAA ALLAH

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