Curry-Phone ✈
16 October 2015 with 8 angel

last night, i used to move all pictures and so on from phone to laptop since my phone was diving into the lauk curry. huwaaa!!! so her condition not really well. but fortunately, i still can use it for ber-social. 

that evening, my family came over to Unisza. *finally i met them, after a month* . i was happy to the all of them - ibu, abah, iqa, babam, achik. Abam was not there, he already back to his mrsm.
then, i told abah that my phone was diving into the curry and the phone tak boleh buka! , of course he was very very very mad. ya, actually the phone was my abah's gift to me. just simple and malaysian product , leagoo. (leading and going) . he was mad that time, so i just keep my mouth shut. no need to tell him the real story. i just said that i would sent my phone to Phone's repair shop. 

the next week, my family came again terengganu for abam's pragraduation for his spm soon. so my parents and achik visited me at Unija. I was happy , really really happy to see them eventhough I've seen them last week. 

at ict, pantai ketapang we ate. and suddenly, abah asked me 'bout the curryphone. "have u sent your phone?" i just keep my mouth shut. "how can your phone drop into the curry ha?" ibu asked. "aaa, i used to buy the food, then i was tertolak the phone" i answered. my parent just stared at me. yaa, i knew that was my fault, so careless. 

and 2 days ago, i was at spectacles shop to re-screw my spect. i tried to on my curryphone, then suddenly it opened! alhamdulillah. i felt like want to shout at that time. haha. so the phone still useful but unfortunately, i cant use it to call. because the it have sound problem. 

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