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14 December 2015 with 8 angel
  السلام عليكم

VIDEO - 3rd Drama

CUT ! CUT ! this week is the last week of semester 2 before final exam on 22 december soon. minnal maklum ladaina, i have 9 subject in this semester. actually, i want to story my MUHADATHAH (محادثة) subject. 

           Muhadathah subject is the platform to students like me to learn basic of Arabic communication and how to communicate use correct nahu (نحو) and sorf  (صرف). in this subject, we have more than 3 works and did not have final exam for muhadathah. every week we have to read and make hiwar (حوار) based on the title that we learn at that time. hiwar is dialogue.

          Also we have 3 drama, 2 acting on live and 1 drama on video. first drama, my friends and i just acted simple because we did not have any good and great idea flow story. the theme's first drama is convocation day (حفلة التخرج). i as litle sister to Adila. Adila as convocation's student. but we still have fuuny and comedy scene.

the second drama is Semester break theme. yeah, that was very great drama and ustaz said "mumtazah" (ممتازة) to us. actually, the synopsis of the drama is : A, B,C and I was going to picnic. the planner of the event was Aimi. then she called Mira and Alin to meet on weekend. C asked B to invite D (me) to join them picnic at taman bunga. long time I no see them, for 10 years! at taman bunga (حديقة الزهرة), i was rushing to go see B, C. accidentally A and I on our way to B and C. that time, I did not know who was that girl. so RUDE! dahla langgar (صادم) orang nak tengking-2! that scene, A and I have to argue and blame each other. the end of drama, B and C were calming us and told us that we were friend. 

and the last drama on video, the theme is Dakwah at airport (الدعوة في المطار). the genre is mystery comedy. take a look on the ويديو . VIDEO . many of my friends told that the video is very great and effective and they understand the moral of the video. so you can view , like and comment your opinion 'bout our video :)  


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