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11 September 2014 with 6 angel
بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

today I want to share my essay. narrative essay. My first narrative essay.

Ending your story with " Now I realize what meaning friendship".

     It was a sunny day. The sun was going to set. It was orange and yellow. It looked such a beautiful scenery. The sound of the beach made my mind peaceful. The place was secluded. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The coconut trees started gesticulating during the right time when the wind blew. That was where I usually took in the beauty of the place. There was nobody as the beach as empty as a church.

     I was squatting down alone making a sand palace. A small sand palace. Suddenly I heard someone's footsteps behind me. I turned my face to look at that person. I saw a sweet cute girl with a face that would stop a clock. I quickly stood up, looking at her posture. She was wearing green shirt with black skirt. She was thin and tall like an Eiffel Tower. Her eyes were round with fear but later gave a soft scrutinizing stare. Her eyes were big with black eyes like Kim SooHyun's eyes, korean actor. I smiled and she smiled back. 
     "Hello. I am Idina Maylor" she said.
     " Hi, I am Fara Zayn" I said softly,

     She told me that she was interested in the beach while walking alone. When she reached the beach, she immediately felt in love with it. She was enjoying the view when she saw someone was squatting down while making a sand palace. So she decided to admonish that person. I told her that place was my place to get peace on my mind and therapy for my troubled soul. We talked and talked. She was so friendly. She made me felt less awkward than before. It was time to get back home. Luckily, Idina was my neighbour. Her house was behind my house. So me promised to meet each other. Since that day, Idina and I became close friends. We spent a lot of time together during the weekend.

     She was very smart and smooth-manners. She was also really eager as a beaver. She studied hard when exam was around the corner. She would study until midnight and do more exercises. Sometime she should ask me to study together. She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Money was not problem to her. She had tuition class every sunday and saturday at her house. She always askes me to join her and we studied Mathematics, Physics, Biology and so on together. At her school, she was the top five students in every exam. So it was not impossible that she got the best and very good result. I was proud to be her friend. 

     One day, Idina asked me to accompany her at her house. Meanwhile, her parents were going to their hometown for two days. There was only Idina and I.. We spent time together. We talked and talked about fashion, entertainment and future partner, of course. She told me that she loved fashion and wanted to be a fashion designer. Also she wanted a handsome, understanding and smart partner. Actually she was a picky girl I have ever know. We watched movies. Sad, horror and funny movies. 

     We had our sad memory too. It was one sunny bright morning out of the blue, I was waking up from sleeping. "Ring....." the shrill ringing of my house bell pierced the air, bringing to an end to the silence. It seemed I had guest. I opened the door. Idina was standing in front of my house's door. She looked so sad. Her eyes were swallon from crying. But she looked pretty with her beautiful dress liked she wanted to go somewhere. She hugged me tightly and cried on my shoulder. I was curious about her. What happened? She told me that she wanted to move out from her house. Immediately. Then she had gone after saying "goodbye". I was horrified and started to cry. Since that day, we were losing contact. 

     Year by year I still did not meet her.Has she forgotten me? Has she got a new friend? The questions kept appearing in my mind. I missed her. My bestfriend, Idina. One day, I was reading a novel while listening to some songs. Suddenly, a history song in my life was playing through the radio."Nobody Compares" by One Direction. My eyes started to cry. My tears was streaming down my face. "Ring..." the shrill ringing of my house bell. I was absorbed listening the radio quickly I opened the door. There was Idina's mom, Mrs Maylor. She told me that Idina passed away a week ago. She also asked for my forgiveness and Mrs. Maylor gave me Idina's diary. when I opened it, it was full with my photo. I cried and felt so sorry for her. I missed her. Now I realized what meaning of friendship.

THAT'S ALL.Aku tahu ceritanya tak best. Because I decided to do simple story supaya tak banyak buat kesalagan grammar. hehehehe need learn more. 

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