For The First Time In ..... ✈
27 May 2014 with 2 angel
بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

for the first in this year, aku post entry . busy memanjang, al maklum I'm SPM candidate this year. ahhhh !! so stress ma. of course meanwhile studying subjects for form 5, I need to catch up all the subject in form 4. so I have to study smart and study hard , but sometime I understand but sometime NOT. sometime I'm forgot what I've learn. this is normal right ? hope that I'll the my very very best for SPM Trial and SPM soon. InsyaAllah 11A+

haha, act I just wanna share my experience to bloggers. firstly, for the first time in my life, I joined Pantun in the school. then, dengan rezeki yang Allah beri, I selected to join with Atul , Dijah , Pi'ie , Faiz in Pesta Pantun Peringkat Daerah jerr. Dengan izin Allah, we're the third winner. Alhamdulillah

second, two week after pantun, for the first time in my life i've joined for Pasukan Bomba dan Penyelamat in Pertandingan Kawad Kaki KRS , GO & NGO Peringkat Daerah. we practiced in 3 days for non stop. my school sent 4 contingent PKBM (L), Pengkap (L), PPIM & Bomba dan Penyelamat. Dengan izin Allah lagi sekali, PKBM (L) johan for GO (L), Pengakap no. 3 for NGO (L) and Bomba naib johan for GO (P). Alhamdulillah :) 


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