Semester Tu ✈
7 September 2015 with 3 angel

mula kehidupan sem 2 ni. of course I have to do the very very best than last sem, because this sem have a lot of subjects. Mantiq, Qiraat, Qawaid etc and ya, totally in b.Arab. tadi, first day in sem 2. our schedule become more pack pack and pack.

First subject was Qiraat. The lect said that all students must speak and talk in B.Arab only. Haaaaa ottokajo. *I know b.Arab but I can't speak well and also can't understand well. mungkin sebab dah berbulan-2 tinggalkan b.Arab, tak ulang kaji, So my brain sometimes very slow to understand.  Bila cakap/dengar b.Arab mesti teringat masa IPG.

Second subject is Qawaid by Dr. Lazim Omar. He is so sempoi, suka hati je nak cakap mende. And he is soo funny and loghat Tganu beliau pekat . whatever he said, I laughed laughed laughed. haha whether I understood or not. he said in his subject, students only can speak in B.Arab and English ONLY. haaaa, I felt like wanna change my course suddenly.

tapi bila pikir balik, until when I have to avoid from the reality that I really have to learn B.Arab and english. B.Arab is a famous language nowadays also al Jannah's language. sampai bila aku nak kata aku tak boleh kan?  AKU BOLEH !

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