Break Time
20 October 2012 with 0 angel


Long time not post in this site. Recently, I'm very busy with my exam preparation . Anyway, congrate for all PMR victims b'coz you all success to face it. Are you happy now? yeah ! I hope that you all get best result among the best.

agak-agak muka korang macam mana? mana tau sama salah satu kat atas ni - -"

comel kan oppa2 aku kat atas tu huhu. hurm, memandangkan next year aku naik tingkatan 4 so kenalah mohon mana-mana sekolah yang aku suka. SBP or SBPI or MRSM or kekal ? oh, very difficult to make decision. I wanna go to da best school but I love my school , sangat~. My appa has applied science tulen agama at sbpi rawang, but honestly I'm not very interested for science. I'm so glad b'coz my appa concerned about me but I ❤  maths, ❤ calculator, ❤ numbers and so on about maths. Omo` what must I do. I had told my appa , I said I'm not interesting for science, physics, chemical, biology. But my appa said "what you about physic, biology and chemical. You never learn it, if you have learnt you'll understand"

Ah. my brain will be crazy thinking about that. can you give me some suggestion?

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